Health and Safety Travel Assistance Services

HTH provides a continuum of services as listed below helping GW Members traveling abroad with both urgent and emergent non-medical and medical issues. HTH responds by helping Members access quality services as explained in this Agreement.

Service Provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

In the event you sustain an injury, become ill, are hospitalized or incur any travel-related emergency, call HTH Worldwide at:

  • +1.610.254.8771 (collect)

Be prepared to:

  • Give Your Name
  • Identify yourself as a member of the George Washington University

A multi-lingual coordinator will assess the situation and help locate appropriate medical care or provide other assistance, as required. If the condition is an emergency, you should go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact HTH Worldwide. HTH Worldwide will then take the appropriate action to assist you and monitor your care until the situation is resolved.

Have an Emergency?

Go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay.

After seeing a physician, contact HTH Worldwide at:

+1.610.254.8771 (collect)

HTH Worldwide will then take the appropriate action to assist you and monitor your care until the situation is resolved.

Managing Serious Medical Conditions

Monitoring Medical Condition

When a Member is receiving inpatient care, HTH case managers and medical director will coordinate in the assessment of the medical condition with local medical personnel using the latest medical standards to determine whether the Member should be moved to a higher level of care or evacuated.

Medical Evacuation

When medically necessary and subject to the HTH's prior approval and coordination, HTH will coordinate and pay for a medically supervised return to the Member's permanent residence or, if appropriate and in the sole discretion of HTH, to a health care facility closest to a Member's permanent residence. If a Member is involved in an Accident or suffers a sudden illness requiring Emergency Medical Services while traveling outside the United States and adequate medical facilities are not available in a life threatening situation, HTH will coordinate and pay for a medically-supervised evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility. The determination of whether a medical condition constitutes an emergency and whether area facilities are capable of providing adequate medical care shall be made by physicians acceptable by HTH after consultation with the attending physician on medical factors. As part of a medical evacuation, HTH shall also make all necessary arrangements for ground transportation to and from the hospital, as well as pre-admission arrangements, where possible, at the receiving hospital. All evacuations must be approved and coordinated by HTH.

Repatriation of Remains

If a Member dies while outside the United States, HTH will pay the necessary expenses incurred for the repatriation of the Member's remains to his/her Home Country in a manner approved and coordinated by HTH. This benefit covers the legal minimum requirements for the transportation of the remains. It does not include the transportation of anyone accompanying the body, urns, caskets, coffins, visitation, burial or funeral expenses.

Exclusions/Restrictions on Medical Evacuation Services

Medical Evacuation Services will be denied:

  1. Unless they are approved in advance and in writing by HTH and/or arranged by HTH. This exception shall not apply to Emergency Medical Evacuation from remote areas when HTH cannot be contacted in advance and delay might result in loss of life or harm to the Member.
  2. In connection with any event occurring when the Member is inside of the United States.
  3. For more than one emergency medical evacuation and/or repatriation for any single medical condition of a Member per calendar year.
  4. For medical evacuation or repatriation if the Member is not suffering from a Serious Medical Condition, and/or as agreed by HTH, the Member can be adequately treated locally, or treatment can be reasonably delayed until the Member returns to his/her Home Country.
  5. For medical evacuation or repatriation where the Member, as agreed to by HTH, can travel as an ordinary passenger without a medical escort.
  6. In connection with any conditions related to childbirth, miscarriage or pregnancy. This exception shall not apply to any abnormal pregnancy or vital complication of pregnancy which endangers the life of the mother and/or unborn child during the first twenty-four (24) weeks of pregnancy.
  7. Relating to any illness or injury arising out of or in the course of employment.
  8. Relating to Accident or injury occurring while the Member is engaged in caving, mountaineering or rock climbing necessitating the use of guides or ropes, potholing, skydiving, parachuting, bungee-jumping, ballooning, hang gliding, deep sea diving utilizing hard helmet with air hose attachments, martial arts, rallying, racing of any kind other than on foot, and any organized sports undertaken on a professional or sponsored basis.
  9. For any conditions related to the Member engaging in any form of aerial flight except as a passenger on a scheduled airline flight; as a passenger on a licensed charter fixed wing aircraft over an established route; or as a passenger traveling on a business related activity in a fixed wing aircraft owned or leased to the Member.
  10. If the Member was engaging in the commission of, or the attempt to commit, an unlawful act.
  11. For injuries incurred as a result of the Member engaging in active service in the armed forces or police of any nation; active participation in war (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, riot, revolution or insurrection.
  12. For injuries incurred as a direct result of nuclear reaction or radiation.

HTH in its sole discretion may assist Members on a fee-for-service basis for services falling under the above Exceptions.

HTH reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to request additional financial guarantees or indemnification from the Member or the Program Sponsor prior to rendering such services on a fee-for-service basis.

Emergency Assistance

Medical Emergency, 24/7 Assistance Services

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Political Security and Natural Disaster Evacuation Services

The plan pays for specified costs of emergency evacuations under certain conditions for the Entitled Person(s) traveling on University Business or enrolled in a Study Abroad program. If a covered event occurs and the eligible Entitled Person(s) is/are in imminent peril, the traveler should immediately contact HTH. HTH will contact and coordinate communications and services with Drum Cussac (DRUM). Drum Cussac is HTH's security service partner. DRUM is responsible for all decisions regarding when a situation is a Covered Event and any, and all, travel arrangements.

In the event of an emergency security situation, on a best-effort basis, DRUM will arrange and pay for an emergency evacuation by any appropriate means consistent with the Entitled Person's health and safety. Services during the evacuation may include transportation to the home country, as well as the arrangement of food, lodging and other reasonable expenses if required.

In an Emergency

Contact HTH Worldwide at

1.610.254.8771 (Collect)

Covered Event

A covered event, as determined by DRUM, is when certain "triggers" occur in the host country. These triggers may include, but are not limited to:

  • An Appropriate Authority issues travel advice recommending that the Entitled Person(s) should leave that country or region where the work and travel assignment is being conducted, (this can include travel to or from the assignment location); or
  • The recognized Government in the Host Country:
    1. declares a state of emergency necessitating immediate evacuation; or
    2. formally recommends or instructs that the Entitled Person(s) should leave that country or region for safety; or
    3. seizes, confiscates or expropriates an Entitled Person's property; or
    4. expels the Entitled Person(s) or declares the Entitled Person(s) "persona non grata"; or
    5. withdraws all scheduled international commercial flights for a period in excess of 24 hours as a result of political or military action intervention which has a direct impact on the Entitled Person's safety and prevents the Entitled Person(s) from leaving the country; or
  • Natural disaster within the Host Country making it uninhabitable which has a direct impact on the Entitled Person(s) and their safety; or
  • The political or military events in the country the Entitled Person(s) is/are traveling in represent an imminent threat of bodily harm to the Entitled Person's safety.

What The Program Sponsors and Entitled Persons Need to Do

To assure that services are covered, both the Entitled Person(s) and the Program Sponsor(s) must adhere to certain guidelines, including:

  • Advising HTH immediately of any situation that may give rise to a covered event as soon as reasonably possible;
  • Providing DRUM with all assistance and information requested in a timely manner;
  • Following DRUM's advice at all times;
  • Not making or attempting to make arrangements without DRUM's agreement;
  • Contacting HTH or DRUM as soon as possible after the Host Country issues the official disaster declaration;
  • Taking all reasonable precautions to avoid accident, injury, or illness to the Entitled Person(s), or loss, destruction, or damage to their property; and
  • Where the Entitled Person(s) is/are entitled to any refund on unused tickets or returnable deposits or advanced payments, the Entitled Person(s) or the Program Sponsor(s) must pay the refund to DRUM.

Delays in contacting HTH or DRUM may make safe transportation impossible. The method of transportation will be as deemed most appropriate to ensure the Entitled Person's safety. If evacuation becomes impractical due to hostile or dangerous conditions, DRUM will maintain contact with and advise the Entitled Person(s) until evacuation becomes viable or the emergency situation has been resolved.

What is Not Covered?

A partial list of circumstances where DRUM will NOT be obliged to provide assistance may include, but are not limited to:

  • DRUM's advice is not followed;
  • The evidence available to DRUM shows there is no direct threat to the Entitled Person's safety;
  • The Entitled Person(s) take(s) part in any political activity in the host country;
  • The emergency results from the Entitled Person's actual or alleged violation of the laws of the host country;
  • The emergency results from the Entitled Person's failure to possess the required immigration, work, residence or similar visas or permits, or other relevant documentation;
  • At inception of travel, the Entitled Person(s) or Program Sponsor(s) had prior knowledge of the covered event or received information of any specific matter, fact or circumstance which would have led to the covered event.
  • DRUM is not able to provide assistance without breaching any applicable laws or regulations; or
  • Any information provided by the Entitled Person(s) or Program Sponsor(s) is knowingly fraudulent or exaggerated, or if there has been a failure to disclose a material fact.
  • Once DRUM has acknowledged that a Triggering Event has occurred, and DRUM starts to make material arrangements regarding the Evacuation, the Covered Member is under obligation to accept the Evacuation arrangements at the time or as reasonably practicable or with 24 hours prior to the Evacuation time as arranged by DRUM.

Coverage Limits

DRUM's obligation to pay for any one Entitled Person's evacuation is limited to $100,000 subject to a combined $5,000,000 aggregate limit per any one covered event for all persons covered under the plan, and under no circumstances shall the obligation of DRUM exceed $10 million in the aggregate per the duration of the Service Agreement. While this is an indemnified service and is not an insurance contract, DRUM is insured for any covered expenses.

Should the Entitled Person(s) be moved to a safe haven during an evacuation, DRUM shall provide up to ten (10) days lodging in reasonable accommodations where the Entitled Person(s) is/are delayed at a safe departure point. DRUM shall also provide air travel of a reasonable standard to return the Entitled Person(s) to his/her home country or country of permanent residence, with Agreement by DRUM, from the safe haven following a Natural Disaster or Political Evacuation. Unless otherwise agreed to by DRUM, reasonable expenses for accommodations at a Safe Haven and air travel cost from a Safe Haven to a Home Country or otherwise is limited to $15,000.

The return of remains as a result of death during a Covered Event is limited to $10,000.

Travel to Afghanistan, Algeria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, or Yemen require written agreement from DRUM prior to travel.

The Application and Service Agreement contain the complete list of coverage exclusions and limitations. Coverage and service decisions, including all transportation services, payments and arrangements are determined by DRUM security personnel, in accordance with local and U.S. authorities.

In an emergency contact:

Global Health & Safety

Worldwide Insurance Services, LLC.
1.610.254.8771 (Collect)