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Online Tools

How can I register for

If you have an HTH group plan through your school or institution, you can register for the site anytime using the certificate number that appears on the ID card. If you haven't received your ID card, please contact your school's advisor or administrator.

If you are required to enroll in your school's group plan directly on the HTH Students website using a Group Access Code that your advisor provides you, you must still register for the site using the certificate number that appears on the ID card you will receive in the mail.

If you purchase an individual (voluntary) plan, you may register and choose your password immediately following the purchase. Just follow the links provided.

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How can I manage my insurance online at

After you've registered on the site, visit My Benefits. There you'll be able to review your insurance and global assistance benefits, print an online ID card, change your personal contact information and review the information we have in our records about your dependents. You can review information about claims you've submitted and check a glossary of insurance terms so you're better able to understand our products and services. You can also change your personal site registration information, including your email address and password.

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Can I search for a doctor outside of the U.S. online at

Outside the United States, students can access HTH Worldwide's unique international medical community, which features contracted, English-speaking physicians and other health care professionals in more than 180 countries. Through the HTH Parents website, Parents/Guardians of U.S. study abroad students can help their students locate a doctor or health care professional abroad. Visit Doctor Search to search for a doctor.

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How do I access participating providers inside the U.S.?

HTH Worldwide Members with U.S. benefits have access to the Aetna network in the U.S. Members can find a doctor or hospital in the network through the US Doctor Search on the website.

If you are not logged in, you may find a doctor or Hospital by visiting Aetna DocFind.

Be sure to present your ID Card at the time of service in the U.S. to the participating provider.

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Can HTH help me understand health risks I face and the vaccinations I should receive prior to leaving my home country?

Yes. HTH's CityHealth Profiles contains this critical information. For more information view our Demo

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Can HTH help me identify quality hospitals, locate pharmacies and learn more about the health care available in my destination country?

Yes. HTH's CityHealth Profiles contains this critical information too.

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Can HTH keep me informed about breaking news and events that might impact my health and safety during my international educational experience?

Yes. HTH publishes dozens of news articles each day on issues that might impact international students and travelers. Students can personalize the news they see on the website by selecting countries that pertain to their destinations. Students can also elect to have these news alerts emailed to them, and/or to other family members and friends, so they too can keep abreast of situations that could impact the international student. For more information, view our Demo.

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I am a U.S. study abroad student. Can HTH help me understand the security risks I might face outside the U.S., including the risk of crime and terrorism?

Yes. HTH's Security Profiles, powered by Drum Cussac, provide comprehensive security information about most study abroad destinations. These important reports contain country and city overviews with a focus on crime, terrorism, instability and more. For more information, view our Demo.

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Are there other online tools available on

Yes. Check out "Ten Healthy Travel Tips for Students", or choose another article from among the dozens that appear in the Featured Articles section. If you take prescription medications, or over-the-counter medications like Motrin or Tylenol for an occasional headache, visit our Drug Translation Guide to find out the name of the medications you rely on while studying away from home. Check the HTH Medical Term and Medical Phrase Translation Guides for translations of difficult medical idioms like "Hay Fever" and important sentences such as, "I need something for pain," and "When can I travel?" You can include a printed version of this material among your important papers in case you require urgent care in a place where your native language is not well understood. For more information, view our Demo.

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